Monday, August 30, 2010

Please Read If You Follow!

Hi to any followers out there, I am asking that you please enter you're blog url below because Blogger is being so dumb and won't let me check who is following me. Don't want to be ungrateful and hop you have a good day!

Also, here is an awesome remix I found on youtube.


Thought I'd post the Machete trailer for all of you who don't know it's in theatres this friday. It looks like a great pure explotation movie. Also, jesus christ, michelle rodriguez looks fine as hell in this.

Hey Guys

Hey people, my apologies to everyone who subbed to me. I am trying to get around to those followers and check out their blogs, but it's been like christmas with all you guys and I wanna give thanks.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

ep this updated and keep it like any other of my social networkibg sites.
Hey guys. Sorry if i am so slow when it comes to blogging but i am using my mobile device. I have no computer. I know, im poor. But anyway ill try and ke
My first blog post. Im so excited!